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I Don't Care Lyrics

Tim Hawkins I Don't Care

Vegans and pagans and rabid tree huggers
Honey Boo Boo and her psychotic mother
Sugar free anything and brussel sprouts
These are the things that I donít care about

Occupy Wall Street and Westborough Pickets
White dudes with dreadlocks and Nickelback tickets
Stories of who Taylor Swift might have kissed
Iíd be ok if these didn't exist

One way fashion
The Kardashians
One Direction, too
I simply forget all my least favorite things
and then I donít feel so blue

Trending on Twitter, palates and planking
Parents who wonít give their brat a good spanking
All telemarketers, people who spam
These are the things that I donít understand

Loud cell phone talkers and palm reading phonies
Oscars and Emmys and Grammys and Tonys
Terms and Conditions and Cars that are green
NFL preseason and Charlie Sheen
Snookie and TMC and the Mars Rover
Whether the TP rolls under or over
Political viewpoints of people who act
Trust me on this one, I donít give a crap!

Whiny babies
Call Me Maybe
Octomom and Cher
Twilight and China
Grape Juice or Wine
I tell you that I donít CARE!!!

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