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Synthetically Revived Lyrics

Album Name : Pierced from Within
Release Date : 1995-05-22
Song Duration : 3:53

Suffocation Synthetically Revived

Chemicals revive my life, reanimated, brought back again.
My diametrical state has assured me eternal life.
Serum no longer fluid.
Respritoral terminus.
Artificial resurrection.
Dosage inefficiency.
Potency too weak to perfect.
Cartilage reaching gelency.
Misconception of technology.
Unknown duration to live.
Decadence, your state of being.
Putrification progresses.
Bones that collapse in time will heal.
Brain patterns submerged in unconsciousness.
Only to be awakened by the peroneal senses.
To see once again, to be reborn.
Needles perforate my neck.
Cyanide smothers my existence.
My torso lies raped of essence.
Impotent state.
I cease to exist.
As my former self.
Synthetically revived.

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