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Infecting The Crypts Lyrics

Album Name : Effigy of the Forgotten
Release Date : 1991-10-07
Song Duration : 4:49

Suffocation Infecting The Crypts

Exhume the wretched body from it's timeless slumber.
Thrashing the tomb to reveal what's inside.
A maggot infested corpse stares dismal.
Inhabited by worms chewing holes through your carcass.

These ancient lands beckoned the burial of humans.
The infertile soil infecting the crypts.
Of the once deceased bodies not through decomposure.
Ending their peace, their chances of hell.

A vomit type substance is formed from it's innards.
A festering slime that revels inside.

The substance erupts and it's stomach bursts open.
Forced down your throat to regurgitate life.

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