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Depths Of Depravity Lyrics

Album Name : Pierced from Within
Release Date : 1995-05-22
Song Duration : 5:33

Suffocation Depths Of Depravity

Why do you torment me?
You make me hate my existence.
You will soon surpass your own f..cking life.
Now the time has come for you to see your death.
I cut your flesh.
I receive much pleasure.
As you start to bleed.
I no longer control my urges.
The feeling is so complete.
I'm finally at one with myself.
Now that I control the rest of your existence.
How does it feel to be in pain and misery.
For many years you made me feel that way.
I praised you for so long.
I'm now your God.
I cannot control my urges.
Now I must take my revenge.
I slice at you.
You begin to die.
The pleasure was all yours.
To have the strength to leave and not look back.
To give up completely.
No more will to survive.
Now that all is done.
My completed masterpiece.
This sinful life of mine.
Will not go to waste.
The pleasure's all mine.
To have taken your mortal life.
I am what you created.
To inflict my own pain and misery.
You manipulated my mind.
Filled it with your lies.
Feasted on my soul.
Destroyed my will.
Now there's nothing.
No reason for reason.
Now I must take life.
To repent my sins.

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