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Vengeance Attained Lyrics

Steel Prophet Vengeance Attained

Your story starts so bitterly
An act no one should see
I hear your tale unfold
It makes my blood run cold
The dark side of the human race
Makes me sick, spits in our face
The filth pollutes our minds
I crave relief from these ties that bind

As you speak I form a plan
Of just revenge upon this man
I'll make him pay for all to see
He'll suffer much until he's set free

In a flash it all comes clear
Disease is passed from him to me
Thirst for revenge builds in me
I shake with rage vengeance we'll see

Avenger-that's what I am
I know the dark in you
Avenger-I exact the price
A price that's paid in pain
Hero-To the weak
Evil's sworn enemy
Avenger-you'll pay what's due
you'll never get away!

Solo JP

Your debt has been paid, but what have I lost myself
Punishing the evil, what's changed in me

Bloodthirsty soul, have I become, I don't trust myself
Vengeance is mine so sayeth the lord, God strike my poor soul down

the lord, god strike my poor soul down

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