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Burning Into Blackness Lyrics

Album Name : Book of the Dead
Release Date : 2006-08-15
Song Duration : 6:50

Steel Prophet Burning Into Blackness

Wondering where the spark flies to when it's gone
The flame is fading, the candle burns low
So many years, they fade into the dust, the soul
I gave you, It needs to fly back
On that sun stained day I knew you were real
My spirit changed, I made it come back

Cause no words were spoken, no spells were cast
The lies were broken; I saw your face at last

Burn now into Fate, Your glory's fade to Black
Your fires burned my heart; your soul can't journey back

Given a hard life to this, now that it's done
My spirit can't roam
I never knew the price I'd pay, in sufferin' and sweat
Would I do it again?
I bear the marks the taint is in my blood, would
You set me free, and take me on home



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