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A Strange Encounter Lyrics

Album Name : Dark Hallucinations
Release Date : 2006-08-15
Song Duration : 4:42

Steel Prophet A Strange Encounter

Have you ever read the books you burn
Have you seen the man in the moon
Show a driver a blur of green
Grass he'll say, but has he seen

Last night late from work
I met a girl who asked these things
She seemed to be
A whisper on the wind
The fragrance of memories past
Made me cry out loud at last
The dry leaves whirled the air
Made me ask for what I care!

And for the moment I was free again
The life I led
Was emptied from my head

Strange life is this
That light shines in
From another's heart
One can be reborn

Repeat all

Solos: 1st jp

2nd: sk

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