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Soul Hunger Lyrics

Splinter Soul Hunger

When you smile a violet grows beneath me
When you rhyme I lose the words to say
When I go I say I'll never leave you
When I die I'll meet you on the way
When you rise your body moves beside me
When it's night I need to hear you say
When I show you everything I'm thinking
When you write it takes the pain away.
I know what soul hunger is
Craves a million miles away
I know what heartache says
Take me back to yesterday
When you cry a violet dies inside me
When it's time I'll find the words to say
When I know you'll say I've always loved you
When I wake I'll be back yesterday
Starving sorrow let me sleep
Carve tomorrow let me weep
Pain is knocking let me sleep
Rain is knocking let me weep
..but will this hunger ever fade

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