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I Empty Lyrics

Splinter I Empty

1-2-3-4 Sick of waiting anymore
5-6 going higher, getting colder feed the fire.
Will you take me incompletly, need to taste you bitter sweet
I have wounds that I can show you, kiss you sting you f..ck you take you
I will work to break you slowly, I will haunt you without fear
Mine is gold and pure as snow but dipped in blood of virgin's tears
I cannot be shared, I will not be saved
It is here that I'll hurt you, it is here that I'm safe
No touch is ignored, no sex too strong
I. . . I am one
7-8-9-10 Breathe deep here we go again
Ticking tocking muscles aching, pumping blood flows the infecting
Like a lump inside your throat, it pricks your thumbs when you're alone
Infect the wound where angels clean, make you cum and make you scream
So spread your mind I'll f..ck what's inside, dive in deep where demons hide
Hurt you deep my love is numb
I. . . I am one
In this place, my insane grace
I alone - a tattered face
Hide alone in the cold
The only soul you've ever known
I will catch you when you run, I will hurt you in the end
When you find you hate like I
Trust in me to feel empty.
Don't cover your eyes now baby, you're so cold... a blown mind away

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