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Bring Me Hurt Lyrics

Splinter Bring Me Hurt

Bring me your flesh and blood don't bring me your disease.
Break me with your distrust, I'll lay your soul to waste
Bring me your hurt & pain I'll give you what you lust F..ck me with your complaints, I'll turn you into dust.
Bring me your skin tonight, my hate is yours to take
Scream all you f..cking want and feel your body ache
I want I need to feel you up inside your sweat
Give everything you want, I'll take all I can get
Now don't it make you feel better?
Scream if you want more
I don't want to hurt you
Just hold your breath and bleed
Bring me your hurt, bring me your fears, bring me your pain
Bring all you f..cking want, I have no soul to save
I want, I need to feel you up inside your flesh
No one will take you now, I've drained you to your death.
It makes you feel better
Drags you down
I've already got you
took you
drained you
Emptied your life...
Soul cries out!

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