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You N Me Lyrics

Sir59fifty You N Me

It was great how we started what we use to be now it seems like u don't want shyt to do with me if you don't let me know to keep it moving g but I don't don't wanna separate the u n me sitting back reminiscing how it used to be it took you a lil minute to get use to me but always knew that you'll stay true to me never put a limit on the things you do for me
Should have never let you go what got into me don't want you to treat me like an enemy if you leave prolly won't be the end of me but I don't want it to happen so let's end the beef if not my lady you'll always be a friend to me somthing special like family or kin to me if missing you was a crime then thell sentence me right now nothings really making since to me
got a sign how you feeling and its killing me can't decide if you really even filling me like a car if you was down u got a lift from me holding on to old shirts cuz there's a sent of me its like god sent a angle down here for me I never ment all them times u dident here from me
Never let me down cuz u been there for me
if they dident let u know then girl here it from me
Ya never know what u got till its gone that's why I'm sitting here hesitation s with my phone hoping I get a awnser don't wanna talk to tone but the other side of me repeating leave that girl alone
Driven down ya street hoping that u at the home if only I can catch you outside on the lone tired of spending time late night on the lone hoping and wishing to get ya call to my phone telling me you miss me as much I miss u but it dident happen I guess I gotta take 2 one mo chance I promise I want brake two if you wanna think I promise I can wait boo
everything can be replaced but I can't replace u one of a kind never find a make two anything you want girl I can make true to much time I prolly never shake lose its like I seen a new light had a brake thru offerd anything but babe I take u don't wanna do it but I gotta stay true so in that case I guess I gotta brake loose

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