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Leek 2 (intro) Lyrics

Sir59fifty Leek 2 (intro)

Here's the leek 2 aka the redo she bout to twisted up guess what me to brah here's the leek two somthing you can drink to empty cup po it up call it the redo
You herd the previews now you here let's review let's get it cracking make it jump ya know how we do
On a scale from 1 to 10 I shoot for 11 when I die I hope my music live up in heaven please don't cry I'm alive just send me a blessing put on everybody down and my fokes who stressing life time full of wisdom also full of Lessons everytime I'm in a session I'm making progression never had a teacher yet to teach me these lessons some how I made It through my life without second guessing need to top off this all this green with some salad dressing I'm braking Bread thanks giving like its turkey dressing a man dies one time a coward dies 11 its like the real rap died and stayed in 97 after ya mess up right then ya should a learned ya lesson but u did it again it lead to depression don't look to me for awnsers now I'm not taking questions ya should of paid attention instead of second guessing

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