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Till Noon Lyrics

Sir59fifty Till Noon

Keep a bad bitch over the age of 22 yellow diamonds green paint ride be mountain dew come around here tripping pussy nigga who is you keep a blocka blocka I suggest you do to k's in the living room a leave ya on the news syrup in my cup got me leaning on snooze tempt me like I'm slipping we be strapped how are you leave you where u tripping detectives bringing bad news bunch of fruity kush we be smoking bamboo monkey ass niggas aka baboons leave a nigga crooked like a quarter past noon the streets is callen volume four coming back soon
Brawds in the liven room about to act a fool 7 sticks a peace have a nigga on snooze bottle after bottle till we po in the room went to sleep at 4 and aint waking up till noon
Bottle after bottle blunt then blunt these bitches doomed its gone be a rap when I take one off to the room she asked if I'm ok I said I'm higher then the moon tell ya friend to come cuz we can Always make room I took my shirt off cuz I got hotter then June she wanna feel My body wanna touch my war wounds she jada picket fine so I called her harthrune she wanna watch a movie so I said she cartoons liten up a newey cuz I'm getting off soon she should be a witch cuz she can definitely ride a broom almost 12am ya know the opposite of noon and we got mo bottles I got 2 tucked in the room

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