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Violent Affair Lyrics

Album Name : Violent Affair - EP
Release Date : 2009-01-27
Song Duration : 1:08

Self Destruct Violent Affair

youve got their blood stained all over your face
and now what are you gonna do
the trail of blood is chasing you
by the angered men in blue
now you can run but youll never hide
their dogs picked up your scent
now your heart beats fast youre going down
your adrenalin rush will end

you better run cuz they know what you did

her pain and torture came to an end
when you stabbed her in the chest
and now theyre on their way to kill you
so you coudlnt clean up the mess
so you run out the door and go into the woods
but you have nowhere to run
and now your concience has caught up to you
by the trigger of their guns

you better run cuz they know what you did

they know what you did and they want you dead
you looked into her eyes to see a blank stare
then you bashed in her head with no feelings of fear
her lovers slain on the bedroom floor
i guess she wont be f..cking him anymore
now you have no wife and you wont see your kids
not after what you just f..cking did
was it worth it to you taking their lives
now its run from the law cuz they want your life

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