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Vicious Cycle Lyrics

Album Name : Violent Affair - EP
Release Date : 2009-01-27
Song Duration : 2:12

Self Destruct Vicious Cycle

get home from work and you grab your bottle
and you roll yourself a joint
because its been a f..cked up day
you hate your life
so whats the f..ckin point
if you dislike your job then f..cking quit
we all got problems deal with it
you cloud your mind with false reality
and your slowly making matters worse

welcome home lifes a vicious cycle
drown your sorrows wonder why
welcome home lifes a vicious cycle
some days all you wanna do is die

your trapped in a dead end job
every thirty days you pay your rent
well its the end of the month your bills are due
and all your moneys spent
is this the way to live your life
if you dont like it then change it
cuz its your life
dont trap yourself in a spiders web
cut loose and get a grip on life

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