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It's Living Hell Lyrics

Album Name : Violent Affair - EP
Release Date : 2009-01-27
Song Duration : 2:18

Self Destruct It's Living Hell

planes explode in the air
body pieces flying everywhere
and theres a dead corpse floating in your pool
while your children are gunned down while in school
crime rates at a all time high
your woman robbed and raped andleft to die
and your kid is some sickos pray
this f..cking happens every day

its living hell theres no escape
its everything your lifes at stake

houses burning to the ground
screams overbear the sirens sound
was it arson or deliberate
no ones losing sleep over it
news televises horrid problems
theres not enough time to solve them
our cultures f..cked its plain to see
in this living hell society

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