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Shadows Of Promises Lyrics

Red Horizons Shadows Of Promises

From water's fall
The sunlight glistens upon the ripples
A broken miracle burnt into my mind
Like echoes of one thousand voices that ring through my head

Eternity's beginning
At the first hint of darkness, I remember the words spoken
Shadows of promises cast stormclouds overhead
While your vile words scream through the air
And poison the veils of righteousness

Perfection's end; my awakening
Facing the truths of unending lies
Broken vows mask the coming of the dawn
The coming of the dawn

Mountainsides wilt in the hand of winter
Stretched out over centuries

Waiting for peace to rain down from the heavens
Like meteor-fire burning the vastness of the world

Everything spoken are nothing but words
Meaningless, frail
As they break against the rocks upon the shore

Rejoice, for you have broken me

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