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A Council In The Dark Lyrics

Red Horizons A Council In The Dark

From a golden tower, I sit and wait
Perched on my throne upon the highest point
Staring with my blackened eyes

I have witnessed the world tear itself apart
And attempt to redefine the figureless shadows into
An age of prosperity and fortitude founded with paper bricks
Doused and cemented with tears shed and ripped from the eyes
Of an age populated by dishonest and mindless children

In a night of broken glass and bloodshed
An alliance of kings brought to its knees

Centuries passed and we waited
The atrocities of a desperate man turned this world
Inside out; we just sat and waited

It's become all too clear
The eyes of this council have never faltered
Keeping watch over this uneasy peace
With blood-red gaze
Piercing through every heart of every man
We just sat and waited

But you've gone too far this time
The age of conspiracy and fear mongering has finished
We waited with open mind, but now
It's time to descend onto an unknowing world

Smoke has billowed to the skies and the embers
Left from rumour mills have blocked out the magnificence of the sun
Mankind sought to end our reign of peace through means of banishment and anarchy
But we wait no longer

When you look to the clouds
You will see the demise and grand finale of the human race
Bouts of madness will stem through every mind
And missiles of spite will fall to the ground

Don't worry, my children
You should've always known
In my castle, I am king

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