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Puppets Lyrics

Red Horizons Puppets

Sow the reigns into the skull
We all know what will become of us now
Just close your eyes and listen
Don't worry about the world outside

Pull the strings and speak the words of the free
We're all free, so just listen to me

How can we bring ourselves to pull away
Every chance we get, the puppeteer will play
Speak to the masses, make them bow and pray
Don't worry about anything: tomorrow's just another day

All hail the puppet

Seek enlightenment to break this disillusion
There's more to the book than just a page
Our destiny is ours
Our fate is ours

Slaves: all you were meant to be
You all belong to me
Slaves; there's no need for apathy
You have always belonged to me

All hail the puppet master

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