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The Shoot Lyrics

Page Kennedy The Shoot

Alright man, it's late enough to go do this video
Ayo make sure you get the toy gun, we don't want no bullshit going on, alright?
Let's go knock it out and get home you got school in the morning

[Verse 1]
Hop in my whip with my son headed to my final destination, like GPS had my life address location
Just thinking of this, another shoot shit, why didn't I say shoot, why didn't I say sketch, why didn't I say skit, why didn't I say shit
Alive on arrival at the bank, the coast is clear nobody here so we think
And Tim gets his first shot pretending that he robbin me, his phone is out the gun is fake so it's obviously a prank
We get the rest of the shots that we needed
We got what we came for, we good now its time for us to beat it
Inherently somebody must've been scared apparently cause they called the cops now the sirens are scaring me
First objective, make sure my son stay calm, [?] stay calm
We don't want mistakes or bad breaks
He dropped the gun it was plastic so it broke
But he still had that bandana around his throat

GET DOWN! Tim Tim, listen to me. Just do what they say. It's fine, we haven't done anything wrong

[Verse 2]
Trying to get their attention, cause I want the guns to rest my way
Seen this movie before, more than Next Friday
No witnesses, so nobody else is getting this
Can't rely on surveillance cams from businesses
But then I remember I got a large following, nervous swallowing, can't breathe but gotta gather all the wind that I can
Our plan is to Facebook Live this, to document any surprises
That's when I slowly reach down for my phone and they can hear from my tone that I'm not a threat I think I thought that alone
Cause as soon as I got my fingers into my pocket I heard a sound and I fell to the ground fast as a rocket
And I ain't even feel no pain my whole body is numb I'm going blind trying to stare at my son
I told em get back but it didn't come out clearly
Blood spilling out my mouth, so he can't hear me

Officer: Get your ass down
Tim: Dad!
Officer: Put your hands behind your head and lock your fingers
Tim: Tim: You shot my dad, he didn't even do anything
Officer: You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do will be held against you in the court of law...
Tim: Dad please don't die. I'm sorry

[Verse 3]
Now some think this could be an honest mistake, honestly mate this ain't the time that I'mma relate, I'm sitting here beatin, I'm bleeding, I'm not breathin, I'm needin a damn ambulance and nobody have a chance to call it
All that's happened is that they still handcuffed me, i'm shot but still handling me roughly
I hope the people filming me choking will think of me and pray while I'm sitting here soaking in my DNA
Now Tim in back of a squad care the cops are looking stupid at each other knowing they shot another brother, unarmed
I should've made it home unharmed, hoping I awake from a dream but there's no alarm
Asking me questions like how I'm supposed to answer that?
Like why'd you reach your phone down and where your hands is at
It was my phone sir but why'd you shoot me 5 times? Wait...wait...(choking)


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