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Haters Be Like Lyrics

Page Kennedy Haters Be Like

[Verse 1: Page Kennedy]
Surprise, who you think it is again
It's like visiting the wizard in
The Wizard of Oz
Get a massage from a bad bitch
But it's a mirage no
It's a facade of grammar
Baking soda it's so dope Arm and Hammer
Seldom do you tell them baby sperm whales
That they come from your penis and tell 'em you welcome
Get it? You're whale cum
'Cause i'm a whale of good time
And good times come with good rhymes
Can give a Vancouver lesbian that pipe
That's right, I gave dick to a Van Dyke
And she'll like it uhh, she'll like it uhh
Emoji eggplant, yeah she'll like it uhh
She a favorite uhh, she my favorite uhh
Send her a snap she won't try and save it YEAH
That's what you want in a side chick
Play her position don't try to move on my dish

Everytime I seem to open my eyes I see
A bunch of haters coming around my way
I see a bunch darkness all in their eyes
But I won't show them the light of day

[Verse 2: Page Kennedy]
Open your eyes and realize a new day is born
I'm playing NBA Jam in created player form
This is my world every month is February
So black history month is no longer necessary
Twitter fingers on the Internet that get man handled
Kidnap 'em and put em in white vans with Damn Daniel
Fall back like Autumn, tall stats I brought 'em
Small cats I taught 'em how to fetch
It's so basic uhh ,you gotta face it uhh
Money and yoga pants, gotta make it stretch
I took over the mainstream and the Internet
I'm so wet they got me dressing in vinaigrette
Please remind me when it was hard to find me
It's kinda hard to hear they hating when they behind me
Yeah and i ain't even running fast
I'm just real, I Ben Frank keep it a hundred cash

Everytime i seem to open my eyes i see
A bunch of haters coming around my way
I see a bunch darkness all in their eyes
But I won't show them the light of day

[Verse 3: Page Kennedy]
I'll pull a disappearing act
Quicker than a black father who didn't bother
And he wasn't hearing that shit
That his baby mama was talking he rather be Stephen Hawkin
Getting butt f..cked when he Home Alone with Macauley Cukin
When it's dark in his apartment
He finds the compartment
Where he keeps the hammer at and handle that
I'll leave off the face of the earth before
I live in America where Trump is the leader
I'd rather cut off my own arm and die in the freezing cold
Covered in mold, using my Stump as the heater
Shots fired
I inspire that assassination will get covered up
Quicker than Nick did that Mariah tat
I dare a nigga to fire back
You will have to hire that nigga
That see your blood seeping on the fire track
Hello world! Seems you stuck with me
I'm a nice guy on the outside
But you don't want to f..ck with me

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