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Straight Bars Lyrics

Page Kennedy Straight Bars

Uh oh, you motherfuckers thought
That I wasn't about to come back with this third installment?
Haha, well guess what bitches
I'm back! (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Straight Bars 3! (yeah, yeah, okay)

I took a couple months off to let these niggas breathe
I'm sick of these bats comin' after me like Mr. Freeze
I had to get the pounds off to get the weight up
And passin' everybody trying to catch up like "Wait up!"
Lost three family members this summer
What about it left me bent over thought I would crack, word to a plummer
But I'm resilient, my fulfillment is being brilliant
Yeah and that ain't even me cappin'
You niggas so funny, you knee slappin'
Bitch I'm the goat and that ain't even me braggin'
Uh, no one could stop me
I might take your wife if she got more tail than Tekashi
Sick of you old niggas
And by you old niggas I mean Lord Jamar son
You got an entire catalog nobody can spit one bar from
(God I'll give you money if you can say one of his raps!)
Trying to stay relevant using another nigga name, that's insane
Your streams wouldn't even go ham with a string
I don't mean to string you along, but I gotta few things to tie up
Give you enough rope to hang yourself from high up
Jamar the manifestation of when a nigga balls dry up
You ain't got the grapes, yeah you just an old raisin
Old baking, no shaving, lookin' like an old Asian
Who's craving'?
Face look like you got beat by the cleats by a Baltimore Raven
I'm easy money sniper, Kevin Durant
I kill these niggas in a cypher
You wouldn't win with a shield wiper
I'm the pied piper, stay grounded like a viper
Bars like a lifer

This niggas said "I kill these niggas! I kill these niggas! C'mon cuz!

[Verse 2]
Straight bars 3
6 projects in 2 years
I get 20/20 vision on New Years
Lost 100 pounds now I'm a sex symbol
She called me foul then blew me like a ref whistle
Having a nice run lately
It's beautiful outside, I'm sunbathing
Taking laps in your pool, then pissing in it
Then listenin' to The Eminem Show, then shittin' in it
I'm disrespectful
This neglectful. 38 special is dreadful
And I drown you in a Red Bull and make sure that it's successful
This is how you start a tape off, Bad and Boujee
But make sure you don't leave Takeoff

Straight Bars 3!
Let's get it!

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