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Termination Lyrics

Album Name : Warning of Danger
Release Date : 1996-11-05
Song Duration : 3:34

Omen Termination

Through the mist of not so distant future years
Comes a killer with a frame of steel
Though he may look like any other man
Something about him just isn't real

With the strength of one hundred mortal men
He stalks the city streets for you
With eyes that focus like a zoom in camera lens
There's nothing you can do

Cyborg lust
Program - to terminate
Cyborg lust
Come to seal your fate

Man's technology caused this bloody war to wage
Computers try to take control
Laser blasts fill the smoky skies with rage
Mechanical beings fight with soul

The death machine is sent back in time to kill
The one who will teach us all to fight
Onto this Earth a young woman's blood must spill
To complete the program he will kill on sight


Cyborg lust
Cyborg lust

Refrain 1st verse & Chorus
Terminate, Terminate, Terminate...

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