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Forever Lyrics

Album Name : Gears of War 3 (The Soundtrack)
Release Date : 2011-09-20
Song Duration : 2:05

Omen Forever

Will I ever be all that I say
Will I ever see all that I claim
Will I ever show all that I know
Lord when I grow
Will I know
I move for the love for the people
For the flow that [?] no disrespect [?]
Got to stack more dollars [?] more flow
I got no soul [?] I have been dreaming [?]
To steal from I came bowling [?]
Why seems like all my enemies.
I am better [?] I am better than you will ever be
I take mine [?] I have been lost everything [?]
Like a knife [?] I lost my [?] I lost my job
I lost my squad
I lost my girl
I lost my world
All I got left is my arm and my cause [?]
Rise in the, sharks, blow
Never hear them shots [?] I could be the best [?]
Cast away I will smack your face
Men I will never have a plan b
But you [?] I was just a lady cause I was afraid, [?]
Afraid of my failure
Afraid of success
Afraid of heights

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