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Signed In Blood Lyrics

Nox Signed In Blood


Bound by laws to the service
Of the enemies of god
Compelled to behave in ways
I know he would detest

I reject the bible
And hiss at the cross
I don't tolerate no other lord
Before Satan

I cast myself from the presence of god
And abandon all claim to salvation
All the most holy is profane
Satan is to be recognized and served

I put my hand and seal
I put my hand and seal
I put my hand and seal
I put my hand and seal

The air is thick with evil
As I sign my soul away
Twisted prayers for the most high
I will reign and serve under Satan

Never able to repent
Never to be forgiven
No hope for heaven
The oath is forever

Sub ombre alarum tuarum, Sathanas

Pact with hell, unholy agreement
Inscribed in the red book of death
Together I'll burn with the master
Hail Nox Sathanas

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