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Psalm 333 Lyrics

Album Name : Blood, Bones and Ritual Death - EP
Release Date : 2012-01-17
Song Duration : 3:03

Nox Psalm 333


Zazaz ! thou art here and pursue thee
Through life into death
Through death into life again
I find and follow thee

Choronzonic defilement upon this creation
Total dispersion and wholly evil

Open my wounds, thy hate upon this flesh
Torn and gashed ,inflict me whit thy will
I hear thy voice,I feel thy presence
My blood is spilled in this life and beyond

Undo what was done, revoke what was made
In thy name once more I shed my face
Kill the light and reverse my flesh
In utter darkness I follow thee !

My spirit be thirded,cast down and torn shreds
The pieces divided into three-thirty-three
Bestow upon me the wholeness of thy dispersion
Equate my being to churning black chaos

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