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From Hell To Worse Lyrics

Album Name : Blood, Bones and Ritual Death - EP
Release Date : 2012-01-17
Song Duration : 4:30

Nox From Hell To Worse

Enjoy thy respite in the hell of this earth
A paradise thou canst not conceive
Thine every breath is murder and sin
But this world is not thy home

Cast into flesh to serve thy lord
Cast into flesh to serve only him

Never knowing the master`s plan
Be certain only of thy darkness and death
Will thy redeemer come and take thee away?
Can eternities of horror turn thy faith into vapour?

Since thou wert born, thy flesh knoweth pain
Ever since thou canst feel, thou kwowest suffering
Beyond pride and endurance,thy soul knoweth fear
Know how to fear the wrath of thy god!

Alone in the worst moments of thy pain and despair
Lamenting thy petty injuries
No hope or bliss at the end of the tunnel
Thy lord standeth at all ends

Excruciating !
Excruciating pain!

Horror in life
Horror in death
Hell on earth
And from hell to worse !

Fools ! thy fates are decided
Fallen into the hands of the living god
No reward for the faithful,no home for the chossen
Thine awareness makes for good sufering

The essence of thy soul is unending pain
Eternities to purify thy misery

Scream thou in vain,for thy lord,carest not
Thou shalt never appease his perfection

Excruciating !
Excruciating pain!

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