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Nighttime Lyrics

Nighttime Safari Nighttime

[Verse 1]
It's getting dark out and its a stark route to the hearts house
I'm a part of a group who bites but doesn't like to bark loud
Cause if you bark your heart might be heard
Then you'd be grazing upon something quite absurd
And that's something to chew on
Only a few've gone farther than this and leave their suits on
Tryna find their youth but then they realize all the loots gone
And then your washed up with some water that's only Luke warm
In the darkness I used to be scared and I
Would wonder where to hide
But then it was verified
That no one would care if I
Did something's here that were a little unholy
Someone told me to let the darkness unfold me
Become lowly, until no one knows me
So we departed into darkness to hide things people couldn't bear And lions and tigers all became apart my fair
I don't live there I just force my sins to
Allow them to tell me about the things that will condemn you
Then I partake and walk away as if I have nothing to attend to
Cause I think I've trapped them But their the one chained me
Cause I come back to them when I'm sad, weak or angry
It pains me to know they have control and I'm ashamed B
I try to front like it's different but it's the same me
That's hiding there
Then I realize other people demons are residing there
All due to pride and fear They will abide and steer
To guide it here directing their projection
A selection of things they don't view as infection
Allowing you to believe that they achieved perfection
Which restarts the cycle as you hide your own confessions
And the darkness it collects them
And it remembers every time we check in

[Verse 2]
Sometimes someone comes along
And we do something we both know is wrong
Like me and a girl creating a bond
Justifying it all calling it love that will live long
But pornography fills the void when she's gone
Then masturbation, then after waiting
I'm disgustedly with my numbness and move to mastication
An exasperation of all my previous act of patience
Imm'a give it to you plain, leave no room for thee imagination

[Verse 3]
Try to watch my back so I Hyde from Jekyll
So I walk with a match that I find is helpful
Then I start to find the rest of it
Keeping us from the things He blessed us with
My guesses is that I'm not the only one afraid to reveal my mess its Where crack fiend syringe and black scenes of scene are attacking again
We're lacking compassion for the acting's of men
I see alcoholics, and packed wallets, blood stained floors inside of these packed closets
Compact brawlics, and depression got that lonely kid wanting to call it
And I realize after all of it
We're all a bunch of wild animals with prescribed antidotes
So again we arrive to where their provided by the phantom ghosts We go because we don't want to take on our true nature
Leaving know help or accountability for such behavior
But I need it, so light it up cause it's so lonely in the dark
Light it up, But I'm afraid I'm the only one with this heart
Light it up
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