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Verse 1:
Truth be told I had some humbling beginnings
As I started to fight I was stumbling to defend thing
Doubts had me wonder how crumbling in the end seems
Cause when you think about it, we had some pretty slim dreams
But I penned dreams, and breathed them in existence
Cause I was on a mission to see if I could go the distance
Little bit of persistence to fight any resistance
Add up the assistance, and now we in business!!!
Met the homie, put the music on the map
Even if is just a tiny dot that you can only see if you zoom in super close on Southern Illinois
But hey, it was big where we were at
Made an impact and got a crowd to react
In fact that's all I needed to keep up with the rap
But college is over and there's thing they never told us
Or maybe they did, but I wasn't listening
But man, right now I swear that I'm missing them
Wishing I would have left 3 credits short of a degree
Because I thought that it was more important for me to leave
So I moved to Portland, Oregon and swore to them that I would become more than ever before again
But a lot has happen since I left the college consortium
So let the story begin

Verse 2:
(We really out here) Just ripping and dipping it
(We really out here) But it isn't consistent yet
We really out here, I'm surfing a couch here
Or all up In a hammock in the woods...
But this ain't vacation that I'm talking about here
I ain't homeless because I'm poor, man
Well, I am but is because there wasn't a single opening that I could afford in All of Portland
Didn't eat for a week, but dropped 500 at the mall
Like yo! I'm the freshest homeless dude of Em all!
Out here pitching my dreams, but they wasn't buying it
I understand a budget, but I do t understand applying it
Cause I had a demand for things, but I wasn't supplying it
So I fell on my face and ended up having to comply with it
And would I couldn't comply I would skate out
Being an adult is a little harder then they made out
Hitting up that 3 tacos for a dollar that's some take out
Honestly, I think I'm gaining a little weight now
Working 60 a week, but can't afford to take a break now
But I'm feeling like I need to pray now
Like yo! They out here challenging my faith too
Got'em on the case 1 now we on to phase 2
But it's just life, it ain't nothing I can't break through
Like hey you! Don't you be messing with me and Jesus
Im getting stretched thin like the band width
I swear you see the craziest things on public transit
Like the homie next to me got two iguanas
Im tryna Stitch it together but missing my Ohana
Like oh mama the poor got us Out here politicking like Organa's
I know the lord got us, but I need it on the first
I ain't tryna front, man I need it in the worse
Anxiety got me wanting to take a seat up in the hearse
I know the waters deep but we ain't bout to be immersed
My teacher told me I couldn't do it and that had me pissed
I know imma make some wrong turns, and have some wackiness
But you should jump up in the car if you tryna see the craftiness
Yo siri, give me the directions to happiness
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