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Fear Lyrics

Nighttime Safari Fear

[Verse 1]
I'm scared of dying alone
And I'm scared of getting married
I'm scared I'll have to do it on my own
And I'm scared of being carried
Conflicting I know
Cause I'm scared I'll stay stagnant
And I'm also scared to grow
So indecisive with my vices
Maybe I'll end my life with this knife, it's
Nights like this that make me wonder if I was made in his likeness
Its not like I like this
Like this what's like to be petrified
Like its best if I just don't move
To the right or the left, if I
Just stay put then I don't lose

How does this work?
Like how do I know who is telling the truth?
Who can I really trust?

[Verse 2]
Don't lose your mind when your so weak
Cause the only thing to fear is fear itself
Cause fear is one heck of a control freak
I'm under pressure and it got my logic dwindling
Swindling premonitions that my efforts are insignificant
All rooted in the fear of growing up
Like all I'm doing here is showing up
I'm going nuts!
I don't know how to do taxes, what's a credit score?
I got money coming in, but the debt is more
It's all late nights and anxiety
Like maybe this is all just irony
Like you all could have just lied to me
It's so easy to, why not?
Makes it hard to trust what I got
And there's a fear I'll fail at this music
But the truth is I gotta break through this
I'm clueless but I know I can do this
Stand up and get ruthless
But if...

What if I fail?
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