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Nfl Audible: Jets Vs. Steelers Lyrics

Nick Javas Nfl Audible: Jets Vs. Steelers

[Nick Javas:]
You're watchin the Pepsi Max NFL Audible

Hello sports fans, we got the Steelers and the Jets
And that's about as real as it gets
But the visiting team in green, better be picking up Pitt's blitz
If they wanna win this, listen
Both with a ring upon their wishlist
And Pitt tops the list, they already got six
Jets got one, and they seem to be
Well poised for another, but a beast of a D
Wearing black and yellow, black and yellow got another plan
Between Farrior clan and Ben's upper hand
Combined with Rashard, doin the running man
And Troy Polamalu, strikin quicker than lightning
All you see is hair as he flies through the air
A player with that courage and timing is rare
You can try to compare but he may be the best ever
He's a Beast like Harrison, steadily embarassing
Opponents lookin forward to hearin the ding ding
Two wins away from a Superbowl ring
On the other side the Jets are flying high
Comin off a big win and ready to get it in
Braylon playin to win, Brad Smith
Doin his special teams magic, remindin me of Javas
And David Harris is lockin the middle down
Jason is ready to be tailored for the crown
Silver or bronze won't cut it for Mangold
Number 9 with a strong hand so they can't fold
And Calvin settin the Pace quickly
But the path to victory is leadin through the Pitt D
Yellow brick road, leadin to greener pastures
The meaner and faster, gets to the greener grass first
Any last words, are barely heard now
Cause they're drowned out by the sound of the crowd

Pepsi Max
Zero calories, maximum Pepsi taste

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