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Nfl Audible: Jets Vs. Patriots Lyrics

Nick Javas Nfl Audible: Jets Vs. Patriots

[Nick Javas:]
You're watchin the Pepsi Max NFL Audible

Hello sports fans, we got the Jets and the Pats
And it don't get much better than that
It was a veteran back, got the Jets through the Colts
On a different coast, he was a legend with the Bolts
Now the toast of the town after puttin the Colts down
With two touchdowns and eighty-two on the ground
The Pats got the most frowns out of their opponents
And Woodhead is motivated by that one moment
When the Jets cut him off of their roster
New England saw talent, Bill Belichick created a monster
And they brought back Deion, the Super Bowl MVP
In oh-three to find a hole for the D
Hopefully for the Jets they make a better decision
And be sure that they cover the tight ends when they're blitzin
Otherwise a couple of guys'll take advantage
If they don't account for Gronkowski and Hernandez
And Marty can't let his team get burnt for six
Tony locks down and returns kicks
Division rivals, havin visions of a title
One moves on, the other is sittin idle
Winnin is survival, losin is sudden death
Only one is the best, whoever's done we forget
You lose, you're no longer remembered
Lockers are cleaned out, we'll see you in September
Or be a contender, AFC Championship awaits
It's a game of inches so even a little break
Could be the difference between all the losers and the greats
Who's real and who's fake who's sealin who's, fate?

Pepsi Max
Zero calories, maximum Pepsi taste

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