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Nfl Audible: Jets Vs. Colts Lyrics

Nick Javas Nfl Audible: Jets Vs. Colts

[Talib Kweli:]
You're watchin the Pepsi Max NFL Audible

[Nick Javas:]
Welcome sports fans, to where the journey begins
I can feel the fire burnin within
One team'll earn a win, the other one's headed home
So who would fare better in the dome?
A battle between New York and Indy; so we got a veteran
Against a sick D, but I brought a friend with me

[Talib Kweli:]
Indy's hard to stop unless you got a Bart Scott
And an island named Revis to stop Reggie receivin

[Nick Javas:] Yeah, we'll have to keep an eye on those two
[Talib Kweli:] Yup, both dudes got all of pro tools

[Nick Javas:]
Very true; we'll see what D-Rex can do
It's win or cry, like Joseph it's live Addai

[Talib Kweli:]
Both hopin to "Get By" just to take it in the mix
Create enough pressure to live it high, digits in the sky
Give it to the guy who's named after his team

[Nick Javas:] Oh you must mean 23
[Talib Kweli:] Shonn Greene!

[Talib Kweli:]
But #10 is ready to send 'em to their homes
Cause he's already owned the throne
So he know what's in it for him, sayin child should blend
To find Santonio with the dust in the wind

[Nick Javas:]
Well D'Brickashaw better get his paws off D3
A beast at D.E. feedin on QB's
Mathis no joke and Brackett is so stoked
Battlin toe to toe maybe after the post-show
They can be friends, but not while the Jets are seekin revenge
For last post-season's events
'Til we speak again, suppose only time will tell
Who climbed and who fell, so who wants it more?

[Talib Kweli:]
Pepsi Max is zero calories
Maximum Pepsi taste

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