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Hold Heart Lyrics

Nana Kitade Hold Heart

Without ever, without ever a doubt
Stay looking only at me,
And hold me tight until it seems as though
You'll break this heart that is plugged with an

On a sleepless tropical night
I cast away endless sighs.
I can no longer find a place to stand in this room.

The TV and my cell phone
Fill the gap in my heart
Then disappear ephemerely.

That small blue flower
That has been blooming in your heart is me.
A swaying dilemma.


While wearing a school uniform that doesn't suit me
I'm being swallowed by an overflowing crowd.
I'm at my patience's limit and want to scream.

Even if I open a textbook
The answers aren't written there.
Light shines vacantly through my peircing.

The small blue raindrop
That has dampened your heart is me.
A wet dilemma.

I want to see you, I want to see you. Where are you?
I want to see you right now.
Cold Heart, Hold Heart - you can hear it right?
Please notice my faint heartbeat.


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