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Of Silas Fauntleroys Willingness To Influence The Panel Lyrics

Album Name : Petr and the Wulf
Release Date : 2010-10-05
Song Duration : 5:02

Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots Of Silas Fauntleroys Willingness To Influence The Panel

My wife opened up her mouth hands her teeth to me-
She tell me not to return ‘till I get her teeth fresh
‘n clean-
Remember me to Silas tell he’s filled my dance card
Remember boy I want my mouth fresh get them teeth
bright white bright white-
Get them teeth bright white

I walks down center street downs the left hand side-
Silas he was gussied up in a Fauntleroy of bright
bright white
Silas flashed his red wet smile say I’s just the man he
He took my tin of tailormades then he smile leavin’ one
for me-
leavin’ one for me

Silas ask me what’s I got in me hand I say they are my
wife’s old teeth
As he pat me down for a light he say they don’t look
none too clean
Silas say my tailormades he’ll use ‘em for the judge as
Remember me to Dr. Hammer asks him if he gotta light-
if he gotta light

I walked into Dr. Hammers shop told him of the big
dance contest tonight and said I didn’t want my wife to
be disgraced with her ol’ second hand me down teeth Dr
Hammer say he sure knew how to surly influence the
panel he grabbed my wife’s teeth from me’n shoved his
fist in this can as he danced his hand around inside
Doc said he saw me speaking with Silas Fauntleroy
outside I only could purse my lips tight like then
hammer asks if Silas got anything offen me I could only
put my now empty hand over my pursin’ lips then Hammer
withdraws his hand and say those teeth are clean boy,
but they’ll taste like gasoline

Back down the center street not on the left but the
right hand-
Silas liked the look of my wife’s teeth said he needs
to get him some of them
As Silas reached for my wife’s teeth Dr. Hammer blew
his Chevy on by
In this tinderbox town he found the only mud puddle
dirtied up the Fauntleroy
Dirtied up the Fauntleroy

Silas cry he never’d win the dance if he go there
lookin’ unclean-
I strip him of his Fauntleroy’n and I dunk it in the
I return with his Fauntleroy that’s once again bright
Silas ask what about them matches I say I’ll leave em’
with my wife
So have a blast tonight

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