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Moon Sequel Lyrics

Album Name : Dawn
Release Date : 2008-11-01
Song Duration : 2:35

Mount Eerie Moon Sequel

And when I talked to my friends
And found out that you're having fun
That you're swallowing life
That you're in the sun
That you're f..cking around
You're growing a new one
I bellow out my voice
I yell out loud
I have my shirt off in front of a crowd
I tell em about you, and how you're gone.......

But in my lying
Don't I have you in my mind the entire time
Yeah, I can leave all the places we went
But I can't leave without my bones you bent
So I hobble along
And now it's me who's gone
And now it's me who has your fear of opening hearts
And all the false starts we could tear apart
With this deep gouging biting back
With this way that you get all my friends in the sack
But whats left?
I scream as I look up at night
Where the novelty has worn off of your light
What gives? and I roll on the ground
Who cares? I yell and there's no answering sound
And there's nobody around
And then my answer was found

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