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November 22nd 2003 4:45 Pm Lyrics

Album Name : Seven New Songs
Release Date : 2004-07-01
Song Duration : 6:18

Mount Eerie November 22nd 2003 4:45 Pm

I walked down off the trail, onto the wet leaves
and rotting wood under mossy branches.
I stood listening.
An aeroplane came from the west,
The sound of a house's door,
Teenage girls from the North,
Faintly, in the almost black light,
A tiny bird fell from nowhere,
Onto the wet leaves and then sang at my feet
and the owls were loud on all sides of me.
They gave voice to Mount Eerie.
The dark unknown wild beautiful dark, dark.
Little bird in the leaves fluttered and flew off
When I moved my leg.
It flew off chirping from the dark forest.
I turned around an my brother had left -
the aeroplane circled around to the east,
the door closed,
and the pregnant house just through the trees
with it's fire and music, was a float on the wide black
Made by the owls that "coo" in the night.
I saw the mountain through the trees with night-vision
A ghost through the dark void said
"What do you want? What do you want?"
I can't tell him
"What do you want?"
I can't say it
"What do you want?
Do not be afraid of the war of the worlds that are
going to come
Do not be afraid of your whole body.
Do not be afraid in the dark night on the unlit trail.
Do not be afraid.
There's nothing to do.
You can't get away."

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