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The Other Fool Lyrics

Album Name : The Other Fool - EP
Release Date : 2000-03-01
Song Duration : 2:58

Motorpsycho The Other Fool

Although the time is never right
it’s only ever clear at night
her teeth looked like plastic when I peaked
There’s tumors right behind their eyes
their poison tongue tell only lies
there’s blood on the hands that feed and I
swear I saw a tattoo on her thigh

Flies are buzzin’ ‘round my head
living grey and dreaming red
the wrong track?
it’s the only one I know
I watch them run all hyped and wired
smell their fear and sense how tired
the words are -
the hive has lost it’s brain

it doesn’t even seem to sense the pain…

Knick knack paddywhack
give the dog a bone
running with the pack
getting wasted ; getting…

Chrystal candy,bad tattoos
diet Coke and Disney blues
I’m so tired
- kick off in the void -
let’s get some weed and chill out to Pink Floyd

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