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Vortex Surfer Lyrics

Album Name : Roadwork, Vol 1 - Heavy Metall Is a Poze, Hardt Rock Iz a Laifschteil (Live In E
Release Date : 1999-03-19
Song Duration : 9:13

Motorpsycho Vortex Surfer

And if she said so
That would believe it all
If she said so
I would cushion her fall
And if it felt right,
She'd let me know the plan
Take my hand
And explain to me so i could understand
Why she said so

If she said so
It would be too much like death
If she said so
I would eat her breath
If she said so
I'd know all the lies
But i'd wipe out white
And never even ask the reason why
She said so

And never end
Go back to start
And never say
When i fall apart
And never stoop
To complain
About the pain

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