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S.t.g. Lyrics

Album Name : Blissard
Release Date : 1996-02-16
Song Duration : 9:45

Motorpsycho S.t.g.

Sonic teenage Guinevere,sunbeam-scenequeen
loves her dollhouse livin
Armani-armoured silver-stallion saints
flock around their prize
high flying producer Day-child trembling
Spahn-ranch rain-king dancing
and the wheel turns
for the Manchild is arisen

on the bus ,that buzz
to never,never,never-ever land
too much runny paint to make sense,
too honest liars to eye
Lancelot is choking on the rosemary
only looking back & back & back
back to where the babies blood paint doors ;
teenage Guinevere is no more

you cant kill me ,Im already dead
you cant catch me,Ive already fled
you cant free me , Im already free
and Ill change your destiny.
trust in me-
Ill change your destiny!

sonic teenage Guinevere (x4

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