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Sister Confusion Lyrics

Album Name : 8 Soothing Songs for Ruth
Release Date : 1992-05-08
Song Duration : 5:53

Motorpsycho Sister Confusion

Sister Confusion sleeps out on my doorstep
she’s out there knocking on my door
what do you want this time?
how can a blind lead the blind?
it’s alright,just you step right inside
to my fireplace
I know your pleasures too well to refuse
soothe me so I may sleep
lead me on paths too far and steep
I know that you can hurt me
you can make me do things
I don’t want to do
Sister Confusion
when the day is dawning
and the night’s still yawning
you show me the way
on through the day
but I warn you ,sister-
all your crazy mixtures
might make me lose myself
Sister Confusion
what it all comes down to
is when I’m around you
I’m losing control,
losing it all
and the road I’m walking,
it dissolves into nothing
why do I just f..ck things up?
Sister Confusion

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