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Psychonaut Lyrics

Album Name : Trust Us
Release Date : 1998-03-20
Song Duration : 6:58

Motorpsycho Psychonaut

And i'll feed you the lies that you wanna hear
And i'll kick you around till you eat your fear
And i'll sing any song that i want to sing
And i know if i want i'll be anything

And i'll smoke anything that i want to smoke
And i'll read 'tween the lines till i get the joke
And i'll preach any law that i will obide
And i show who i am and i never hide

And i look till i find what's inside of me
And i search till i find where i wanna be
And i'll pull any string just to get me there
And i'll rip any fabric i need to tear

And it's high time we bleed for the coming one
And the stars and the moon and the rising sun
Allthe bull and debris that we lug around
And the hide that i shed when i hear the sound

Of my corvette

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