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Come On In Lyrics

Album Name : Demon Box
Release Date : 1993-05-08
Song Duration : 2:40

Motorpsycho Come On In

How come you’re never there
when I’m on the floor
to pick me up or to kick my ass or what?
I don’t think you care
cos when you walk out the door
you always seem to leave the deepest cut

come on in
don’t you think I know the answer?
let me show you
how the story goes
come on into
this void I call my castle
live it up
I won’t be stepping on your toes

going home-time breedes misunderstanding
I always seem to misunderstand the most
walk the tightrope and you won’t break your neck fallin’
but it’s my death warrant that you’ve nailed upon the


you always seem to leave the deepest cut.............

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