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Blindfolded Lyrics

Album Name : Phanerothyme
Release Date : 2001-09-03
Song Duration : 3:44

Motorpsycho Blindfolded

it's easy after all that's been said and done to you
the sun ain't gonna set unless you want it to
it's an easy bet that you're sensing
their honesty and poetry is makebelive
come on give in,say it straight now,whatever goes down

as always: somewhere else is a better place to be
you will never know unless you've been there
obscured in misery,tired of guilt-tripping
up and down,you've been around aimlessly

eyes brighter,your touch is lighter
still I can feel the strain
so good to complain,so good to complain,so good
but I'm looking forward,I don't get bored
'cause I never felt certain
who's behind the curtain

so when you wish to go away to heaven knows,some place to
what am I to say?
it's not easy to watch the way you push yourself on down

but I still adore you ,I'm happy for you
as long as I'm blindfolded,I'm blindfolded

it's easy after all if you feel like going home
you are free to go and who can stop you
and I'll be standing by,watching - waiting
'till we're done having fun and say goodbye

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