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Nuremberg Lyrics

Album Name : Twilight of Jesters?
Release Date : 2009-03-03
Song Duration : 4:22

Monkey Business Nuremberg

I am a russian with a rope
capital sin
I am confused to let you go
I don't know if I dare

I am a frenchie with a rope
last come in
I was a friend two days ago
I don't know if I care

I am a yankee with a rope
seminal spin
I need to move some heavy load
why don't you come in

I am a Tommy with a rope
soveregin grin
but long ago I lost the hope
I rain out of my gin

Don't you be getting afraid
cause it's so easy sin
when all the sinners unite
it will be easy to win
people may get on your case
so look for gullible jerk
then he'll be taking your place
and he will see nuremberg

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