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Fatal Tempo Lyrics

Album Name : Twilight of Jesters?
Release Date : 2009-03-03
Song Duration : 4:22

Monkey Business Fatal Tempo

Start as punk
squat "vielen dank"
berlin is easy

tresh core and trance
getting them to dance
'till they get queasy

and now it's time
to go slowly
hump like rabbit?
no no
and now it's time
to go slowly
just don't set up
fatal tempo

donť chew the head
off some tasty bat
unless you like it

you will repeat
shocks that people need
always the same skit

try slowling down
while you still around
couting your beats

go steady on
fast one will be gone
see then who leads

fatal tempo
is when the speed will hurt a lot
fatal tempo
when more you need than what you got

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