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My Friends Lyrics

Album Name : Why Be In When You Could Be Out
Release Date : 2000-03-30
Song Duration : 3:55

Monkey Business My Friends

My friends
I am leaving in just a moment
My friends
I do

Standing on a bus stand
Dialing the numbers up
Trying to call a friend
Seems like everybody is out
Or is everybody dead?
I am trying again

I am so tired
Been working day and night
I wanna go drinking with you
I am so tired
A drink would be just right
I wanna go drink beer with you

...I am a loser

No one is answering now
Jumping on the water bed
My girl is waiting for me
But friends are already here
My bed had broken down
And you are playing their games

I am a stranger
Right in my own place
And they are flirting with you
I am a stranger
And now I am done with you
I have nothing to lose


My friends
You have really done me favor
If I had a hood... I would... pull it over my eyes
And stop whining
Because whining is for bitches on the heat
I should have been in a bar getting high
You can bet our friendship is on fade out

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