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The Fire In My Eyes Lyrics

Misteltein The Fire In My Eyes

Through the endless stonehalls
My soul silently walks
By my side a million screams
Of eternally burning souls
Before your almighty throne
Again I shall die
Under your wings
Immortal I shall rise

Oh mortal one-betrayer of light
You faced the powers of light with hate
You shalt no more see
The heavenly creatures walk

Cast into hells fire
Release me from my flesh
Curse me witheternal suffering
Till just a shadow remains

Satan (for you I took my life)
Satan (and came proud to you)
Satan (for you I reaped christian souls)
Satan (for you I spilled oceans of blood)

You are the neverending wrath of my soul
You are the infernal fire in my eyes
You are the marks which I bear with pride
You are the source of my existence

And my flesh was burned
As I walked in valleys of fire
And my bones were crushed by demons
Just my soul was left

Left was I for dead
Demonic choirs sang
My eyes burned infernal
Again I rose

Oh mortal one-Slayer of light
You'll now face angels with fire
A demon of mine thou art
Oh immortal one

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