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Dusk Rising Lyrics

Misteltein Dusk Rising

Shadows dancing, silhouettes of the night
Rising eternal, away from the sunlight
Beautiful shapes like a drawing of the sky
Over landscapes vanishing fly
A broken heart still breathing
Thou its essence is cold
Shedding centuries of tears
Feeding on the nights blood

Symphony of the winds
Floating like mist
Covering the moon
Spread thy wings

Stormwinds freezing through the heart of man
And the beautiful life dies
Like autumn it tears the soul apart
Drains it of blood

Dusk rising, dying is eternal
Dusk rising, sorrow is eternal

Mourning and screaming helpless cries
Panic spreading still questioning why
Again the sun descends
Last rays attacks all hearts like knifes
Nightwings blackening the woods
Drawing forth like thunderstorms
A lifeless shape searching
To drink the blood of christ

Powers of darkness
Fullfill my wish
To seek eternity
Bring me into
For what pain have I not felt
Take this flesh
Guilty of deeds
Who made god cry
Do what thou wilt
Just give me the key
To seek eternity

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