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Silvertears Lyrics

Misteltein Silvertears

Embrace the autumns night
The unsilent wind sail the shadows
And the skies starlit pride
The silvertears that freeze the ground
Are lifelessly falling in endless line
A gaze of void in the empty night
The eyes that in the moonlight shine

Fogcovered soil and the icewinds vail
Seven spells cast and the moon turns red
The stars fell down the sky is ripped
And silvertears are now blood

Rain falls
So does the night
Over these endless landscapes
Dressed in a silvery wintry shade
And blood falls on the ground
Thou unseen in the darkest night
Light is now so desolate
As the moongate opens wide

In moonlight
I am at one with thee autumns night
In the unsilent darkest winter shadow
The silvertears stains in the snow
Though not alone in these landscapes
Tears still will fall
For these tears are not mine, but thine

Even in the silent void
The steps of blood are followed
A grief contained
Reach out for your soul
Dragged through the soil
In forgotten oblivion
And no death will be called upon

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